Saturday, 4 August 2012

I missed this the other day

In the guardian-series other day they had this rather interesting story :

" A leading Labour party member in Haringey has apologised for a four-letter Twitter outburst against cyclists made in the aftermath of a man’s death in central London."

  "Woodside Labour party secretary Matthew Jordan sparked a social media row when he broadcast the explicit statement following the death of 28-year-old Londoner Dan Harris, who was fatally hit by an Olympics media bus on Wednesday.
Mr Jordan made the ill-advised remarks yesterday while responding to a tweet from politics and cycling blogger Primly Stable.
In the initial tweet, referring to the tragic cyclist’s death on the same day as Team GB cyclist Bradley Wiggins took gold in the Olympic time trial event, Primly Stable said: “Today showed the best and worst of London’s relationship with cyclists. You love us, you kill us.”
Mr Jordan, who promotes himself as the Labour group’s political education officer on his Twitter feed, responded by saying: “Oh do f*** off you prig. Time and again I see cyclists going too fast to stop for pedestrians, as if the road belonged to them.”

It would be fair to say that some of his followers were not best pleased :

"Twitter user @briseglace said: “You ought to be ashamed of yourself”, while human rights blogger Rowena Harding tweeted to Mr Jordan: “What an awful person you are: a disappointment to Labour. Your petty digs at people are unnecessary.”

"Emerson Roberts ‏added: “Enjoying free Olympic transport today but when I next cycle home in the borough of Croydon, I'll aim to avoid Labour HQ and @matthewjorda... “
While Dr Ashley Brown said: “Sec. of Woodside Lab. @matthewjorda thinks it's OK to injure cyclists, because some cycle fast. What about speeding drivers - more of those?”

But at least he has apologised :

"Mr Jordan apologised this afternoon, saying: “I apologise unreservedly to all those who were hurt by my remarks about speeding cyclists.”

And i hope that is the end of that, while he may not of used the right tone or wording he did have a point, some cyclists don't obey the rules of the road, but the same is applied to a percentage of all road users.


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