Saturday, 4 August 2012

And now some news from Kent

Browsing through the much loved I came across this story :

 "Independent candidate Ann Barnes says she wants to give young people in Kent a voice,
A hopeful in the Police and Crime Commissioner race has vowed to give young people a voice if elected by creating a youth police commissioner post.
Ann Barnes, who is the current chair of Kent Police Authority (KPA), the body which currently monitors the county’s force, said it would be a paid job and open to all young people, from school leavers to gap year students and unemployed youngsters.
“A police youth commissioner will create a link to those who really know what it’s like to be a young citizen in Kent,” she said.
“There are a lot of disenchanted young people out there and we need to give them a say in policing.”
Last week Mrs Barnes made the surprise announcement she would be standing in the PCC election as an independent on November 15 despite previously criticising the upcoming role, which is being introduced by the Home Office.

But what caught my eye was this:

"The annual salary is £85,000 (thats for PCC)
Mrs Barnes launched her youth initiative during a visit to community radio Academy FM at the Folkestone Academy.
She pledged to use some of her own salary to fund the post.
“It would be a paid job, different to an internship, and it will last for a year,” she said."

So, the candidate is going to set up a role, pay for some of it from her own salary, OK  but where will the other money come from, will it be front line services?

My guess is on "efficiency savings" when then begs the question, if they can save that amount of money (however small) wouldn't it be better to give something back to the people that pay their taxes to fund this? No? i didn't think so.

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