Thursday, 6 December 2012

If you give it, you must take it!

He is used to giving it, but on this occasion UKIP leader Nigel Farage had to take it

Video via Blottr

The look on Nigels face says it all, Ouch!

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  1. Yeah, but there's a couple of crucial points:

    1) Nigel Farage says that he attends the debates, votes, makes speeches and all the rest. If he can't do it, he sends someone else to.

    2) Farage and his party are what is known as 'hard eurosceptics'. They want to leave the EU. Hence, Verhofstadt's criticism literally makes no sense. It's a bit much to expect the leader of a party that actually wants to abolish the UK's role in the European Union to help to give this 'parliament' credibility. Pro-secessionist politicians of all kinds generally use the position of where they want to secede from to advocate for their cause, to expose the flaws, the failings and the corruption in the system and to campaign for withdrawal.

    3) Nigel Farage says he has Verhofstadt's attendance record, and he actually intimates on his Twitter feed that it's an awful lot worse than Farage's is.