Saturday, 4 August 2012

They are all the same

When in a hole, stop digging.

That was a piece of advice that i always think about, but it seems our Government doesn't ever take notice.

In the Daily Mail it reports that Jeremy Hunt had a "chance" encounter with Rupert Murdoch :

Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt was today criticised by Labour MPs for meeting News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch on the fringes of the Olympic Games.
John Mann said it was 'quite inappropriate' for Mr Hunt to chat with the media mogul, while Jim Sheridan said he appeared to show 'no contrition' over his handling of News Corp's bid for satellite broadcaster BSkyB.
But a source close to the Culture Secretary said the meeting was no more than a chance encounter after the pair separately attended swimming events at the London 2012 Aquatics Centre last night."

Labour MPs jumped on this : 

"Mr Mann told the Press Association: 'Hunt just doesn't seem to be able to help himself. He is repeatedly careless and this is another example of it.
'It's quite inappropriate, after what has happened, that the two of them should be together at any stage. He should be avoiding Rupert Murdoch like the plague.'
And Mr Sheridan, a member of the Commons Culture Committee which carried out an inquiry into phone-hacking at the News Corp-owned News of the World, said it appeared the relationship between Mr Hunt and Mr Murdoch was 'as close as ever'.
'The relationship between the Conservative Party and the Murdoch empire still looks strong,' said Mr Sheridan."


But lets not forget that it is not only the Tories, lets see another Politician happy with News Corp :

See the reason our politicians need to court media owners is because they have no idea themselves, this is not just one party it is our whole political system.

I am trying to reach out to Tory/Labour/LibDems/UKIP supporters that you are better ruling your own life and that of your families, You are best to react to your own circumstances.

Stop relying on the state and you will be free.

Ed Miliband pic Via IKEdmonds


  1. With respect, Billy, isn't this 180° from your earlier call for compulsory voting? Or do you mean that everyone should have to vote, but that they should vote for 'none of the above'? And if they did that, what would you hope to happen?

    1. Lets put "none of the above" on the ballot paper and see what happens :)

      If the people say no candidate is fit for purpose then should we not respect that? ;)