Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Thats the Olympic spirit!

By now you will know i am not a fan of the Olympics, i think it is a waste of money.So don`t be surprised if i sometimes blog about the bad news from London 2012.

 According to there was some shenanigans last night :

     " The London Olympics badminton tournament descended into chaos on Tuesday as opposing players in two women's doubles matches attempted to throw their final preliminary round matches to secure a more favorable draw in the knockout rounds.
Spectators at the Wembley Arena shouted abuse and jeered at players from China, South Korea and Indonesia when they deliberately sprayed shots and duffed serves into the net to concede points in attempts to lose on purpose."

"Forced to act on the matter, the Badminton World Federation (BWF) launched a probe as the whole tournament was plunged into turmoil.
"We will have a real discussion tonight to see what has happened," Paisan Rangsikitpho, a technical delegate at the tournament, told Reuters at Wembley Arena.
"If it's true what I hear, this is a shame and I don't like it. And I'm not going to accept anything that I don't like at all. It's not in a good spirit.
"It is (embarrassing) at the Games. I apologize to the public, I apologize for everyone and I am not happy. If we have to stay up all night, we will have a serious meeting."

And then goes onto say :

"Boos again rang out from the crowd later in the evening session as the match between South Korean pair of Ha Jung-eun and Kim Min-jing and Indonesian pair Greysia Polii and Meiliana Jauhari repeated the same farcical scenario.
With spectators yelling "get off", another tournament referee emerged and waved a black card, indicating both teams were disqualified, prompting a roar of approval from the stands.
However, the referee rescinded the decision moments later after coaches from both teams implored the contest to be allowed to continue, and South Korea's Ha and Kim ended up as reluctant winners in three sets over the Indonesians.
The BBC quoted an IOC spokesman as saying: "The federation has a huge experience in refereeing their sport and we have every confidence that they will deal with the issue appropriately and take any necessary measures."

When things like this happen it proves some of us Olympic moaners correct. Its one thing to be a waste of money but insults people when people try and fix the result.

Update: Sky Sports news are reporting that the players have been expelled (will post a link as soon as i have one) 

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