Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Say it aint so Tim.

I forgot to add something from a post I wrote the other day , Just to show you how charming Mr Ireland is this was a tweet from other day :

One may wonder why he said "paedo" , I do hope it has nothing to do with the fact i am homosexual?


  1. I hope so too. Genuinely I really hope that isn't the insinuation.

    There has been a false association between the two things in the minds of many bigots over the years and it's outrageously and dangerously wrong.

    Hopefully Tim will clarify it at some stage soon. It's only 140 characters and a quick way to clear the air.

  2. You are wrong about this as you were about the previous tweet you highlighted on your site.

    link 1: 'paedo' was used as an example because it is directly relevant to what is going on, and it is nothing to do with you personally on any level:
    Bloggerheads: Sir Douglas Morpeth & the corruption of Shamley Green Conservatives

    link 2: you imply something very ugly about my character that is the opposite of the truth. I have spoken out against people equating/associating homosexuality with paedophilia many time. One of them involved Mr Harry Cole's (still unapologetic) boss Paul Staines:
    Bloggerheads: Guido, the Monkey, and the elephant’s trunk

    I do apologise for blocking you unannounced, but I had arrived at the view that if you will call people out like this and make what are very serious accusations without doing even the slightest bit of research into their background, then I had best avoid any contact with you. It is reckless behaviour, and the opposite of useful information. I do not need any of that in my stream. I hope you understand.

    I also hope we are almost done here but for this:

    I would appreciate both posts being retracted/clarified very clearly in the body of the post, and not left for visitor to read the comments if they want to know what the reality of the situation is. This is the kind of accusation that prompts ugly behaviour that's best avoided, and your cooperation in this respect would be appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Your comments have not been deleted. I have given you a platform to respond to my opinion/question.