Saturday, 11 August 2012

Romney Gaffe

Video Via thedailybeast


  1. Hiya , Billy x

    I leave a comment coz ur little blog look a bit lonely , babe x

    Luv E x .

    1. Oooooooh!

      Fancy a quicky?

      Billy won't mind, I'm sure...

      SC x .

    2. Glad to see that you've graced this blog with your fragrant presence. Guido will be so jealous.

  2. Ha ha, geezer. You don't fool me for a second "Anonymous", sunshine. It's like seeing a ghost, FFS. I've been chasing you all over the internet and beyond, you useless bimbo.
    I look forward to seeing some of that monkey I lent you for your "deposit" back in 2010. I see that you didn't win or, indeed, even register.
    FFS, what was I thinking, mate?

    Must dash - great repeat of Flog It! on at the moment. They're in Nantwich this week.