Sunday, 5 August 2012

Out of touch

They say Labour are the party of the working class.

When i started on twitter i wanted to see the wider world, i wanted to see and debate all opinions so i could make up my own mind.

So I followed left and right wingers and libertarians, while i was blocked by most left wing politicians (must be my aftershave) i was surprised to be blocked by Markfergusonuk  , now i live in two Labour safeseats and at the time a floating voter. Mr Ferguson took over Labourlist which has had its teething problems (see this ) , but after being dragged back from extinction by Alex Smith it has gone south again.

Labourlist was meant to be a grass roots website, somewhere working class people could chat and exchange ideas.

It has however turned out to be like the Labour party, a closed talking shop where dissent is not allowed, the Labour party , like all other parties have removed themselves from the real world.

If you block people how is that engaging with lost voters eh?

Note: Its not just Mr Ferguson, but apart from one person i have also been blocked by people claiming to represent the working class(on the left).

The political class is so out of touch that they are blind.

Update : Just found out I am also blocked for the @Labourlist twitter account.

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