Thursday, 2 August 2012

LOCOG are idiots.

It seems those idiots at LOCOG are doing their best to kill the Olympic spirit :

Important Update re @2012TicketAlert

When we set out to code this on Sunday/Monday, we never anticipated where the idea would go, the impact it would have or the publicity and support it would attract. It just seemed like a cool idea which could make a difference, and that was enough for us to spend a lot of our time developing it, maintaining it, and answering the hundreds of tweets, emails and questions we've received over the past three days - all with no prospect of making money from it or promoting our Company.

However, it seems someone at LOCOG has taken exception to our idea (or the publicity it is getting) and instead of reaching out to us or addressing the lack of a notification system, they have simply blocked our access to their server. This means we are unable to check or post any new ticket alerts.

We've done some testing and it seems they've blocked all "non-website" access (removing the opportunity to move to another server) so, unless they make a decision to re-allow us access, I'm afraid your only option to discover re-listed tickets now is to sit on and keep pressing F5.

All of us here feel shocked and let down by this move, especially given the ongoing problems with ticketing and the ticket purchasing website, and can't understand why they'd take such an aggressive move to block a service which was non-commercial, which we've not been seeking any recognition for on a Company level (so there's no gain for us), and - which most importantly of all - was making a significant difference to many people and their ability to get tickets.

That said, it is their prerogative to do this - although we would point out that the alert was not against the Terms of Use of the website, nor have these terms been updated to make it so.

So all we can really say is thank you all for your support, congratulations to those who got tickets with our help - and enjoy the Games!

Until next time,


PS. If you want a chance to show your support still, we'll be keeping the charity page open. Be cool for something good to still come out of this :) "

This came via jonworth on my twitter timeline.

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  1. An Important Politician2 August 2012 at 20:26

    Whatever gives you the idea that the Olympics are for little people like you? They are for us, the Important People, so that we can bask in their glory and get re-elected. Whether you get seats or not is no concern of ours. You just have one role to play: paying for everything.

    And be sure you vote for Me. We know here you live.