Friday, 10 August 2012

In Defence of freedom of speech

   There was a idiot called Tong
   Who said some things that were wrong
   Hounded by the pack, he did`nt take it back
  And thus still looks like a mong

I just made that little verse and i will guarantee that someone, somewhere will be *offended* by it. I have blogged many times about this but it seems some people just don't get it.

There has been some fuss kicked about what Ken Tong tweeted to Gary Barlow after the sad death of Mr Barlows child, I have selected two that are underneath :

 The first thing i will say is i would never send a tweet like this, i find it insensitive and written by someone who has morals and taste lower than dog shit, I think anyone who writes this has something wrong in their head.

However, I defend his right say it, to make himself look like the piece of shit he is. We should never attempt to silence people we disagree with, we either ignore or in this case on twitter we can also use the block option.

So this also brings me on to Mr Walsh who tweeted this :

I agree with the first two words of this tweet.

The rest is pure mob mentality mindset that an adult should know better not to do.

 The Freedom of speech is easy to defend when you agree with it, the test comes when you don`t agree. Tong is an idiot, wanker, a piece of scum, But his right to prove it in public should not be denied.

I also know that i will lose some followers by writing this, please understand i am speaking up for freedom of speech not what he said.

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