Monday, 6 August 2012

I hope the left are offended

Via MrHarryCole

Just imagine if a Tory supporter said that about a Labour MP, there would be uproar, Guardian towers and the BBC would be chasing up every comment and quote.

Unless some animals are more equal than others, or unless no-one takes any notice of this *Tim Ireland*fella ?

However i was sent this charming tweet :

               "And when you repeat it, you stir up people who make genuine threats. So mind your bloody step with that 'opinion' of yours"


Screen grab thanks to LozEWright


  1. This quote was presented entirely out of context by Harry Cole. I will thank you to stop misrepresenting it in the same way that he did. No threat was meant or implied.

    Thinly disguised yet very graphic threats have been made against me, and the person making them excuses/legitimises his behaviour by claiming that I stalk Nadine Dorries. My tweet that you take out of context here simply asked how Iain Dale would react if the roles were reversed.

    (Iain Dale is the person who hosts a key article that repeats the false claim by Nadine Dorries that I was formally warned by police for harassing her. He knows that is not true, but will not change his post/headline accordingly for reasons one can easily guess at.)

  2. Mr Ireland´s pursuit of Ms Dorries is online bullying in its worst, most despicable form. Sad failing of Twitter that he can use the social media in this way. Quite obviously a threat - if he was remotely decent he would leave the lady alone.

  3. Ireland has a trail longer than the Coast to Coast of bizarre and unpleasant online commentary. Nasty piece of work.

  4. Direland Is Appalling8 August 2012 at 11:19

    Tim Ireland's constant snippiness at being called out for being a talentless hack is always amusing. He should have a nice, cold glass of milk and calm down.

  5. thanks for sharing.