Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Bet you wasnt expecting that!

Reading the well loved yorkshireeveningpost i came across this interesting story :

"Australia's sports minister will don a Team GB shirt and be made to row at Eton Dorney after losing a bet with her British counterpart.
Hugh Robertson, minister for sport and the Olympics, won the bet with Kate Lundy over whose country would triumph with more Olympic medals"

"She told ITV's Daybreak: "If Australia got more gold medals then Hugh was going to put on a hockey t-shirt and dribble the ball around Australia House. But if Britain got more gold medals I'm wearing the GB shirt and rowing a length at Eton Dorney. I have cheerfully conceded that I think I will be rowing this time around."

 This is news worthy, not because we have beat the Aussies ( being a cricket fan i am becoming used to it) but for the simple fact that a politician is going to keep their word.

All to often we highlight the lies they tell or the spin they are throwing at us. So for that very rare moment they keep their word we should celebrate and rejoice.

Now if only more of them would keep their word we might actually get somewhere.

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