Tuesday, 31 December 2013

BBC Bias?

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Socialist Chavez gets his picture up there but no picture of former British PM Margaret Thatcher......

Update : A reader says in Ireland you get this :
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  1. Come on there, your better than this.
    I posted a link in your comments yesterday to that picture thing. I wasn't rude or insulting and it seem that you are biasing the story to your own ends.
    I love your comments and banter with Guido but I normally ignore the Bias BBC blog posts you make, I don't even know why I looked this time.
    It's news site is a source of headlines. I will read a story that interests me from many different sites and then go off the beaten track if I want to know more and inform a decision. At the end of the day it's the editor fellow that sets the tone for the BBC "non biased" reporting.
    The BBC is an organisation that provides some of the best programming on tele and radio in the world. I saw the Bear Grylls Steven Fry thing on 4 the other day and after every ad break they recapped what had already happened. I detest Eastenders with a passion as life in our house has to stop for half an hour four days a week. Not everything is to everyone's taste but I feel it fill it purpose well and doesn't treat the general public like a complete idiot.

    So once again from an English reader looking at the BBC in England

  2. Having said all that My last comment didn't publish like that one just did! I don't know why so some of my comments are unfounded as I assumed that you were mediating the comments. So to add to my comment I apologise for some of my previous comment.