Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Remember That Fight For Press Freedom? The Sun Have....

Where do we start with this one people? The Sun Newspaper run this story :

The Sun are "offended" by Choudary`s "vile rants" (video below if you dont want to go to Sun website) , they then implies that he should be arrested for his "vile rant"

The Sun then says this

" Despite numerous calls for his arrest, he remains at large."

Well as readers will know KT is a supporter of freedom of speech and expression (link) , KT lives by this quote :
Which is something KT believes to be fundamental if people are to have open and honest debates that then form part of democracy, So consider KT`s reaction when he found this :

"DAVID Cameron stood up for Press freedom yesterday — by insisting a law to police newspapers would be wrong."

It even says under the main picture this :

So the Sun support free speech and expression for themselves and their industry but not for the people on the street or views they are "offended" by, if you want someone arrested just because you dont agree with what they say then are not a supporter of free speech or even worse, two faced about it.

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